The Internet Roasts Rockets’ P.J. Tucker For His Insane Brain Fart That Almost Resulted In A Loss To The Lowly Knicks

Thearon W. Henderson/Getty Images

You may not believe this but the 10-36 New York Knicks almost beat James Harden and the Rockets at Madison Square Garden last night. Granted, the Knicks were basically playing 6-4 for the last minute when Rockets small forward P.J. Tucker decided to switch allegiances. In the final minute, Tucker fouled a three-point shooter, got beat defensively for the go-ahead layup, and had a brain fart that Twitter has been trying to dissect through the night.

Tucker may have had money on the game or someone at Buffalo Wild Wings pushed the ‘overtime’ button, but the Knicks are the Knicks and failed to take advantage of the golden opportunity, ultimately falling to the Rockets 114-110.

But check out this play. With the Rockets clinging to a three-point lead in the final minute, Tucker decided not take receive the inbound pass. Why? Fuck if I know.

After the game, Rockets coach Mike D’Antoni tried to explain the blunder.

Yeah, not cuttin’ it bro.

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