This Iowa State Holder Going Absolutely BONKERS After A Coverted Extra Point Forgets It’s Only Worth One Point

When your crush in the crowd and you want to make your presence felt… this INSANE hold to this dude’s highlight reel. Textbook form, precision, showmanship. An unmatched feat of athleticism. Not many holders in the country can catch a ball and put it on the ground with such assuredness, such accuracy. It’s a fucking shame this didn’t make SportsCenter Top 10. Get this dude a snorkel because he’s going to be swimming in vagina juices for the foreseeable future.

Hot Chick: “Hey, are you that guy….who pulled off that AmAzInG routine extra point hold?” *drops to knees*

Only one kicking celebration trumps this one in my book. Do less, Gramatica. Do significantly less.

[h/t Barstool]