Jack Leiter Has To Return $1,485 Worth Of MLB Merchandise After He Was Drafted No. 2 Overall By The Rangers

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  • Jack Leiter was drafted No. 2 overall in the 2021 MLB Draft and immediately put on his team’s jersey.
  • He said he had a lot of jerseys prepared just in case, so what happens to the ones he won’t wear?
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The best pitcher in college baseball went No. 2 overall in the MLB Draft and his mom is about to make a HUGE return. After one of the most dominant seasons in history, Jack Leiter was selected by the Rangers on Sunday.

His friends and family were VERY excited.

Leiter’s dominance.

At one point during the season, the 21-year-old son of former MLB pitcher Al Leiter threw 20 consecutive no-hit innings and didn’t allow a run in 25 straight innings. He also mixed in a complete-game no-hitter.

Leiter consistently pumps high 90s with his fastball and the POV video from a batter’s perspective looks absolutely terrifying. He was a joy to watch in his only college baseball season and threw a tremendous game in the College World Series that was blemished by only one solo home run and a loss.

With that all being said, there was a lot of uncertainty about where he would go. Leiter could have been drafted as high as No. 1 or as low as No. 10, behind his Commodore teammate Kumar Rocker.

It was a shortstop-heavy first round and there were a smattering of very strong pitching prospects. In the end, after the Pirates selected catcher Colten Cowser first in hilarious fashion, the countdown didn’t last long.


With the second overall pick in the 2021 MLB Draft, the Texas Rangers selected Jack Leiter, pitcher, Vanderbilt.

He immediately donned the team’s jersey.

While that is sometimes the case with a No. 1 pick who knows where he is going, it’s less common as you get deeper into the draft.

In his interview after being selected, ESPN’s Karl Ravech asked Leiter how he got the jersey and hat so quickly. Leiter laughed and said that he had 10 jerseys and hats from 10 different teams on the ready.

First of all, that shows confidence. He knew he was going top-10 (to be fair, it was a lock).

It ended up working out, but there is one question left to be answered. What happens to the other jerseys?

Doing the math.

Nameless jerseys on MLB.com are listed for $114. Hats cost $39.99. We’ll call it $120 and $45 with tax.

By that math, Leiter had $1,650 of merch on hand and only needed $165. Money is no object to the Leiter family— especially not after Jack signs for about to $8-10 million.

But there is no way that the family is keeping 9 hats and jerseys for 9 teams that their son/brother/etc. doesn’t play for. It sounds like the MLB store is about to get a big return this week, or the local Goodwill is about to be full of brand-new MLB gear.