College Baseball Player Hits Two Home Runs In The Same Inning… And Both Were Grand Slams!

Jake Brodt Two Slams One Inning


If ever a baseball player earned the right to perform a filthy, savage bat flip it would had to have been Santa Clara senior first baseman Jake Brodt who hit two grand slams in one inning as part of a 14-run barrage to help his team defeat Boston College 20-9 on Saturday.

For an idea of just how rare hitting two grand slams in one game is, only once in the entire history of Major League Baseball has a player accomplished that feat: Fernando Tatis on April 23, 1999.

According to

Brodt is just the seventh Division I player to hit two grand slams in one inning since the official NCAA Division I baseball records began keeping track in 1957. He is the first to record the feat since T.J. Soto of Louisiana Tech did it against Western Kentucky in 2000.

As for what Brodt was thinking when he came up for a second time in the inning with the bases juiced after earlier homering in the same situation, well…

“It was definitely on my mind,” said Brodt when the opportunity came up to potentially hit a second grand slam. “How often do you come up with that type of situation twice in an inning. I just tried to stay comfortable in the box and not try to do too much with it. I knew right off the bat when I hit it.”

Amazing. Then again, Brodt’s Twitter bio contains the phrase, “All I need are some tasty waves and I’ll be fine.” He wisely left out the “cool buzz” portion, but I think it’s implied.

Watch history unfold below…

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