MMA Coach Shockingly Says Professional Fighter And Black Belt Dillon Danis Would Embarrass Jake Paul In Their Rumored Fight

by 10 months ago
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If for some reason you don’t keep up with YouTube megastar Jake Paul or Dillon Danis and his whopping two-fight MMA career, you probably haven’t heard about their rumored MMA fight. Also, you probably have a life.

To set the scene here, Dillon Danis is a 26-year-old professional fighter and holds a black belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu. He also trains John Kavanagh who trains another fighter you may have heard of, Conor McGregor.

Paul, on the other hand, is a 22-year-old former Disney actor that makes millions of dollars making YouTube videos. He does have one fight under his belt which came last year against fellow YouTuber Deji. Paul won the five-round fight that featured them wearing full headgear.

It turns out Paul and Danis don’t like each other too much and with Paul’s older brother Logan set to fight KSI for the second time next month, there is a rumored fight that could happen between the two.

Paul and Danis’ beef started on Twitter because that’s where real stuff goes down these days.

You may know Danis as being the guy Khabib Nurmagomedov charged at after he made McGregor tap back in 2018. Paul said that moment was the highlight of Danis’ career thus far so naturally, Danis went after Paul and his ‘wife’ Tana Mongeau on Twitter.

I think round-one goes to Danis there.

It goes without saying that, on paper at least, a fight between these two sounds like a very, very bad time for Paul. Kavanagh confirmed this by telling Business Insider that a fight between the two would be “very embarassing” for Paul and that it “would be like me playing with a child.”

One thing is absolutely certain though, these two dudes would make bags upon bags of cash if this fight does happen.

“Purely from a friend and a business point of view, I’d love Dillon to get that because, so what, it’s a bit of circus but you get a couple million for it.”

Danis tweeted last week that he’s signed his side of the contract and now it’s Paul’s turn.

What a world we’re living in these days.

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