Jalen Ramsey Calls Out Jaguars For Leaking Trade Request In An Absolute Car Crash Of A Media Session

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Jalen Ramsey Calls Out Jaguars For Leaking His Trade Request

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Pro Bowl defensive back Jalen Ramsey had some very choice words to say about his team, the Jacksonville Jaguars, leaking his trade request in an absolute clusterf**k of a media session on Tuesday.

So now we can add Ramsey to the list that already includes Jamal Adams, Antonio Brown, and pretty much the entire Miami Dolphins roster, who have forced or are currently forcing their way off their team in just the last few weeks.

And we’re only two weeks into the season! When did the NFL become the NBA?

As you may recall, Ramsey reportedly requested a trade out of Jacksonville after getting into a heated confrontation with the team’s head coach Doug Marrone during the Jaguars’ 13-12 loss to the Texans on Sunday.

There was just one problem (well, one of the problems). Ramsey says he wasn’t the one who told the media that he requested a trade.

Which leads us to Tuesday’s media session and Ramsey attempting to set the record straight.

“Let’s be clear about something. I didn’t leak that information,” Ramsey told the media. “Me and my agent are not the ones who leaked that information. And I was very strict about that. Because I did not want it to get out.”

“Right now I’m still a part of the Jacksonville Jaguars,” said Ramsey. “That’s where my focus is.”

Right now…

“I have nothing bad or negative to say about anyone in the building. I don’t want to speak on it or give too much detail. I will let God do his work,” Ramsey continued. “I’m super excited to play this Thursday… if I’m still here.”

If I’m still here…

“I want to f***ing win. Excuse my language but sh*t, everybody knows that,” he added.

As for whether he’s spoken to head coach Doug Marrone since the incident on Sunday? Nope.

So, what would it take to keep him in Jacksonville at this point?

How about what it would take to trade him to another team, Jacksonville? How many first-round picks would do it?

Watch the entire sh*tshow unfold in the video below (or here)…

Meanwhile, in Kansas City…

Check me on this, but that would qualify as tampering, right?

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