Raptors Assistant Coach Jamaal Magloire Using A Paper Cup As A Megaphone Became The Latest Transcendent NBA Meme


During last night’s endless promo for ABC’s Holey Moley featuring executive producer Stephen Curry, there was one of the most exciting basketball games in recent memory. When Klay walked back out of the tunnel to shoot those free throws, I audibly yelled “This is Sparta!” from my couch. Basketball, what a game.

Aside from the ridiculous level of play, Raptors assistant coach Jamaal Magloire demonstrated to the world an innovative coaching mechanism that would make John Wooden blush.

Magloire, who played 12 seasons in the NBA before joining the Toronto staff, used a paper cup to yell instructions to his team in a raucous environment and try to distract Steph Curry at the free throw line (which is not humanely possible).

Magloire’s tactic provided for an excellent meme template and NBA Twitter gobbled that shit up quick.

A good hearty chuckle for a Friday! Have a good weekend, my internet friends.