James Harrison Posts Insane Weightlifting Video That Proves He Is Not A Human Being

1,800 pounds. That is roughly the weight of a smart car.

James Harrison is a 39-year-old, 14-year NFL veteran who is showing literally zero signs of slowing down. Well maybe a little since 2008 when he recorded 67 tackles and 16 sacks. In any event, the veteran linebacker is no stranger to posting his eccentric workouts on Instagram–whether it be doing three reps of 405 pounds on an incline bench press, with a half-rep between each full rep or hip thrusting 700-plus pounds. Harrison claims that his affinity for powerlifting is due to its role in aiding recovery from soft-tissue injuries.

There is reportedly no Steelers player who even comes close to Harrison’s pedigree in the weight room. Cameron Heyward called Harrison “one of a kind” and rookie linebacker T.J. Watt, a first-round pick, said Harrison’s videos “freak me out a little bit.”

You’re in good company T.J.

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