James Harrison Is NOT Human, And At 39-Years-Old He Still Works Out Harder Than Anyone

by 12 months ago
James Harrison Workout

Instagram / James Harrison

Have you ever looked at a chihuahua and wondered ‘how in the heck did that little rat evolve from wolves?’ That’s how I feel when I compare myself to James Harrison. Obviously, I’m the chihuahua in this scenario. I see clips of James Harrison working out and can’t fathom how he and I are part of the same species.

Above, James is pushing a literal shit ton of 45-pound plates across the field. There are 31 of these 45-pound plates to be exact, and that comes to a grand total of 1,395-pounds that James Harrison is pushing….at 39-years-old.

As noted on Deadspin, this isn’t the only ridiculous workout that James Harrison’s been up to lately. In fact, he’s finding new and innovated ways to lift weights that hurt my back just watching:

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