Jamie Collins’ Wikipedia Page Gets A Ruthless Makeover From Trolls After He Got Traded From The Patriots To The Browns

In a particularly Belichickian move, the Patriots shipped off arguably their best defensive player to the lowly Browns for a third round pick. Jamie Collins led the team with 89 tackles last year, was All-Pro second team, and was the staple of a shallow depth linebacking core.

The Patriots have the best record in the league and one would wonder by the Mad Scientist would rock the boat with a trade this baffling. Well, Collins is in the final year of his rookie deal and his excellent pay is going to get him paid. After the trade went down, ESPN’s Adam Schefter reported that Collins was at one point asking for a contract that resembled of Von Miller’s six-year, $114.5 million. Belichick is as stingy as he is ruthless and there was no way he was going cough up that cash, especially for a guy who sources claim “does what he wants” on defense.

Regardless, the Patriots dumped Collins off their spaceship to the moon to a winless Cleveland team, who will likely be renting Collins for 8 games before he gets paid somewhere else.

The 27-year-old’s Wikipedia page got a nice little makeover from trolls who know how a move to Cleveland can affect a player’s spirits.






[h/t Busted Coverage]

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