Japan Scored The FILTHIEST Goal Of The Women’s World Cup, Here’s Why They Call It ‘Dummy’


Because it makes the entire other team look like DUMMIES (when you execute it to perfection like this). Now everyone point and laugh at the Netherlands! HAHAHAHAHA!!!

Since I know you want to see it, here’s the replay in beautiful HD from a several different angles, complete with some Fox Sports commentary.

Lazer show.

It’s already being touted as the best goal of the women’s World Cup, and it happened 15 minutes ago. Heck of a left foot strike, but an even better dummy to create the space for the shot.

It was midfielder No. 6, Mizuho Sakaguchi, that buried the spectacular effort. Her counterpart, No. 16, Mana Iwabuchi is the apparent dummying expert. Sakaguchi’s left-footed curler all but sealed a 2-1 Japan victory over the Netherlands on Tuesday night.

The win sees Japan through to the Women’s World Cup quarterfinals.

h/t Ryan Krasnoo