People Are Mad At Cowboys Owner Jerry Jones After His Gas Company Brags About ‘Hitting The Jackpot’ During Texas Freeze

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While Texas is currently in the middle of an energy crisis after the state’s power grid collapsed due to frigid temperatures which have left millions without power, Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones has been able to capitalize as fuel prices are surging in the area.

Jones’ natural gas company, Comstock Resources, is selling gas at a 500% price markup because many fuel plants in the state have had to shut down due to the freezing weather. On Wednesday, Comstock’s CFO bragged about “hitting the jackpot” during the crisis while on a call with investors.


Jerry Jones, the billionaire owner of the Dallas Cowboys, appears to be one of the beneficiaries.

Comstock Resources Inc., a shale driller that operates in Texas and Louisiana, told investors on an earnings call this week that the surge in natural gas prices was providing it with a major — albeit almost certainly temporary — financial boost. The company is publicly traded but Jones holds a majority of the shares.

“Obviously, this week is like hitting the jackpot,” President and Chief Financial Officer Roland Burns said Wednesday.

People were clearly not happy Jones was profiting off of the Texas energy crisis and blasted him on Twitter.