Jay Cutler Was One Happy Man After Donald Trump Got Elected President

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Earlier today, we brought you the story of Mike Freeman of Bleacher Report gathering the opinions of over two dozen NFL players on the election results. The general feeling among white players was that the Trump election was good for the country, and that Americans wanted a change from the norm. The eight black players Freeman spoke to, on the other hand, believed that the Trump election was one of the ugliest moments in American history and was a message that white America wants to keep minorities “in our place.”

“If you voted for Trump,” said one AFC offensive starter, “I don’t trust you.”

This season, African-American players currently comprise 67.3% of the league’s players. It is the highest percentage of African-American players since the 2003 season. The overwhelming majority of black players despising Trump could be a reason why white athletes have yet to support Trump in the way that numerous black players have openly supported Hillary. Bill Belichick wrote Trump a letter and then turned into a football robot when incessantly asked about the letter’s contents.

Well, the Chicago Bears’ QB Jay Cutler was not shy about expressing his political allegiances and he is Team Trump.

Cutler told the Chicago Tribune:

“I’m happy with the results,” said Cutler, a native of Santa Claus, Ind. “I’ve supported Trump for a while. I’m not going to dive into it. I know it’s a sensitive issue, but I like where it’s going.”

The Bears currently hold a 2-6 record and reside in the basement of the NFC North. Consistently losing typically generates locker room turmoil as it is and if Mike Freeman’s survey of NFL players holds true for the Bears, one can’t help but think that Cutler’s comments rustled some feathers in the locker room. Discourse is the beauty of democracy!

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