The Election Of Donald Trump Is Reportedly Creating A Noticeable Racial Divide In NFL Locker Rooms

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Donald Trump may be disliked for many things, but he better not go screwing up my NFL.

Unfortunately, according to Mike Freeman of Bleacher Report, who has spoken with over two dozen current NFL players since Trump was elected President, that appears to be happening.

The general feeling among the six white players with whom B/R communicated was that the Trump election was good for the country and happened because Americans wanted change and a fixing of economic issues.

In sharp contrast, eight black players I spoke with expressed the sentiment that the Trump election was one of the ugliest moments in American history and was about white America wanting to keep blacks, and other people of color, as one black player said, “in our place.”

Further comments from players only served to highlight this rift…

“If you voted for Trump,” said one AFC offensive starter, “I don’t trust you.”

“Black players are constantly playing the race card [when it comes to Trump],” a white NFC player said. “This election had nothing to do with race.”

He wasn’t alone in his views.

“Hillary Clinton was a terrible candidate,” another white player said. “That’s why she lost, not because of race.”

Other white players said Trump won because of the increase in Obamacare premiums and Supreme Court appointments.

All of the white players, in fact, said Trump’s election had nothing to do with race. White players who voted for Trump, or knew people who did, in fact, were furious with the notion they or Trump supporters were racist.

All of the black players, on the other hand, said Trump’s election was mostly, if not all, about race.

Many players were also upset with Tom Brady and Bill Belichick’s endorsement of Trump.

Hopefully, these differences, which is basically a microcosm of America right now, can be settled in a way that moves the nation forward and not back. If it takes people like professional athletes to help move the conversation along then it will have all been worth it.

Especially if Donald trump follows through on his pledge to rid us of Roger Goodell

I thought a little laughter was needed at this point, don’t you?

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