Jay Williams Reveals Who Stephen A. Smith Is When The Cameras Aren’t Rolling

by 4 weeks ago


Can you imagine being in the doldrums of seasonal depression, embroiled in a fight with your loved one, and suffering through a whiskey hangover, only to have to go into work have Stephen A. Smith spit in your eyeball over something as trivial as the Dallas Cowboys?

I’m consistently entertained by Stephen A. from home, but I’m not sure how much of that amusement is because I can’t smell his breath.

He can’t be that cartoonish all the time, can he?

On our Endless Hustle Podcast (like and subscribe), Jay Williams pulled back the curtain on the most outrageous, yet mysterious man in sports media.

At the 22:50 mark, Jay talks about his admiration for Max Kellerman’s talent and segues nicely into the man behind Stephen A. Smith.

If you’re more of a visual learner, I’ve taken the liberty of producing this short video around the clip.

If you’re neither an audio or a visual learner, the gist is that Stephen A. Smith walks on set at the very last second, sits down, and spits spicy takes. He doesn’t need to get into character because Stephen A. Smith is Stephen A. Smith 24/7, which is why to my knowledge he’s still in search of that illusive Latin lover.


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