Jeff Van Gundy Blasted Augusta National For Not Allowing Black People And Women; Enjoy The Masters, Everyone!

ESPN NBA analyst Jeff Van Gundy is hear to dump on your Masters excitement.

During last night’s Mavericks-Suns game, the event came up. Mike Breen wondered what it’d be like if Van Gundy was part of the coverage.

The world didn’t have to wait long for its answer.

It’d be very, very uncomfortable.

“Oh, like they didn’t allow black people and women in there?” he said.

Damn, JVG. Going right for the jugular there.

There’s probably a reason he hasn’t been asked to lend his vast golf knowledge to tournament.

You have to give Breen and Marc Jackson credit for remaining deathly silent after this hot take. There’s really no upside to say anything after someone drops a comment like this.

Anyway, enjoy the Masters, everyone!

[H/T: Mike Sham]