Tennessee Politician Gets Ejected From High School Basketball Game For Trying To Pants The Referee


  • A Tennessee representative got in an altercation with a high school basketball referee earlier this week.
  • After trying to pants another grown man, he issued an apology for his hilarious, wildly outlandish behavior.
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On Tuesday evening, Tennessee state representative Jeremy Faison posted an apology for “acting a fool” at a high school basketball game. As it would turn out, he missed a very important, hilarious detail from the incident.

Faison is the third-highest ranking Republican in the Tennessee House of Representatives. He represents the Eleventh District and serves as the Chairman of the House Republican Caucus. After being elected by the majority body to his position, Faison is one of the highest-ranking House Leadership members in the entire legislative body.

Here is what he posted on Tuesday night:

Based on what Faison said, you might expect that he yelled at the referee or got up in his face. Maybe he even laid a hand on the ref.

In actuality, he did something way funnier. At least, it appears that way.

During the third quarter of an 11-point game, Faison disagreed with a call. In response, he walked down front the stands and onto the court.

After getting in the referee’s face for a moment, Faison bent down and tugged on the referee’s pants.  Take a look at the video below.

Faison emerges from the stands around the 11-second mark from just to the right of the left bench. He walks over to the scorer’s table around the 20-second mark, and tries to pants the ref at the 25-second mark on the right side of the scorer’s table.

A grown man, who is one of the United States’ top-ranking legislative chairs, walked over to another grown man and tried to pants him.

Over a high school basketball game… You can’t write it any better.