Jerry Jones Brutally Shuts Down Dallas Mayor’s Idea For Bringing A 2nd NFL Team To The City

Jerry Jones Shuts Down Mayor's Idea To Bring 2nd NFL Team To Dallas

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  • Dallas mayor Eric Johnson seems to think bringing a second NFL team to the city would be a good idea.
  • Cowboys owner Jerry Jones doesn’t think that’s the case.
  • Jones shut down the mayor’s idea with some harsh criticism.

The Dallas Cowboys are the most valuable sports franchise on the planet, not just the United States. They also have one of the largest, most passionate fanbases in all of sports, and Dallas mayor Eric Johnson thinks those facts add up to bringing a second NFL team to the city as a good opportunity.

Johnson has been tossing around the idea for well over a month now about bringing another team to Dallas:

The mayor doesn’t just have his sights set on an expansion team, either, he’s floated the idea of the Chargers or Jaguars moving to Texas too:

Johnson recently jumped on the report of Chargers’ owner Dean Spanos being accused of misogynistic behavior to push the idea of bringing the team to Dallas from Los Angeles.

Cowboys owner Jerry Jones isn’t having any of it, however.

Jones spoke to the Dallas Morning News about Johnson’s proposals.

“Well, I like the mayor,” Jones began.

“I like him personally, but he doesn’t have the depth. He doesn’t have the knowledge that others have regarding how unique Dallas is and how we enjoy the interest in the Cowboys. He wouldn’t want to water that down as it relates to Dallas if he knew as much, and has spent as much time in sports as I have.”

Just a classic ‘with all due respect, but’ statement from Jones. He literally begins by saying he likes the mayor before saying “he doesn’t have the depth” four words later.

Jones later said that the NFL wouldn’t want to water down its most valuable market by adding another team in the Dallas area, which you can’t argue.