Jerry Jones Doesn’t Know What The Dallas Cowboys Will Do 2 Days Before NFL Draft

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones

Getty Image / Andy Lyons

With just a couple of days left until the NFL Draft, many of the league’s teams have made their decisions on who they want to add to their roster by the end of the week.

They’ve known for some time now what positions they need to improve and have spent the last couple of months evaluating players.

Despite that, it looks like one of the league’s most popular teams hasn’t quite made their decision yet.

At yesterday’s Dallas Cowboys pre-draft press conference, Jerry Jones told reporters that he still doesn’t know who the Cowboys will be selecting with the 26th pick in the NFL Draft.

Jones said, “You’re not going to know anything close to what we might do. Because I don’t.”

The Cowboys have plenty of options for how to spend that pick.

There have been rumors about them attempting to replace Ezekiel Elliott with that pick despite the fact that they franchise tagged Tony Pollard.

They could spend that pick attempting to address an offensive line that is aging, has had injury some injury issues in recent years, and doesn’t have a clear top option at left guard.

There are a couple of great options at tight end if they want to replace Dalton Schultz in the first round after he left in free agency this offseason.

They could also take a look at strengthening the team on the other side of the ball and bring in a defensive tackle or linebacker.

What happens with the 25 picks in front of them is going to play a big part in how the Dallas Cowboys handle this draft, but they shouldn’t be short on interesting options regardless of who is picked in front of them.