Jim Harbaugh Is Hiring A Personal Assistant To Iron Khakis And Do Other Cool Michigan Football Stuff

Well, actually “ironing khakis” isn’t verbatim stated in the University of Michigan’s job posting seeking a “Director of Internal Communications and Operations for the Head Football Coach” personal assistant for Jim Harbaugh, but given this is Jim Harbaugh we’re talking about, khaki ironing just seems implicit, right?

The man’s trying to win a National Championship for Michigan Wolverines football for the first time since 1997! He doesn’t have time to do all this lame, mundane crap!

So if you’re looking for university-employed status, would enjoy getting screamed at by Jim Harbaugh between 8-12 times per week, and find some of the requirements below titillating, this personal assistant position with a damn good title might just be the job for you.

1. Assists head coach in all areas, including day-to-day operations, administration and office management.
2. Maintain head coach’s personal and professional contacts
3. Produce content needed by head coach for team meetings
4. Assist head coach with personal appearances and off-season engagements
5. Complete special projects as assigned by head coach, including family engagements

1. Coordinate internal communications for the head coach within the athletic department and U-M community.
2. Assist head coach with personal social media account and messaging
3. Monitor coaches and student-athletes social media activities; report issues to communications and digital team and head coach
4. Assist with internal content for Michigan Football social media accounts
5. Update team depth chart on Sundays
6. Manage team rosters for use by members of the football program
7. Work with coach on submission of the coaches poll (if asked to participate)
8. Coordinate football photography needs with Creative Department; schedule team and individual student-athlete, coaches and administrative photos and make sure they are archived

“Hey, go take my wife out for dinner, I’ve got some game film to watch…”

*Points to three boxes, all containing newly-received khaki shipments. Same style, same color (76 pair to be exact)*

“…and have all them ironed by morning, too.”

U of M prefers candidates to help out Coach Harbaugh with the duties described above posses – at the very least – a Bachelors degree in communications, journalism, public relations or related field; a minimum of 5 years related experience in communications and/or football administration; and a strong written and verbal communication skills.

All interested parties can APPLY HERE.

h/t Niners Nation