Jim Thome’s Wife Cancels Browns Season Tickets And Goes Off On Team For Deshaun Watson Trade

Jim Thome's Wife Cancels Cleveland Browns Season Tickets And Goes Off On Team For Deshaun Watson Trade

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  • Cleveland Indians legend Jim Thome and his wife have canceled their season tickets to the Cleveland Browns according to Thome’s wife Andrea
  • Andrea Thome announced the decision on Twitter and said they were severing ties with the Browns after the team brought in Deshaun Watson
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The Baker Mayfield chapter of the Cleveland Browns is over, for now. There is a slight possibility that Baker Mayfield starts for the Cleveland Browns next season instead of being dropped or traded. But the organization is moving ahead with Deshaun Watson as their starting quarterback after a blockbuster trade with the Texans.

Many Browns fans reacted LOUDLY to the team’s decision to bring in Deshaun Watson as he’s still facing 22 ongoing sexual harassment lawsuits. The Cleveland Rape Crisis Center received over 1,000 donations on the day the Cleveland Browns traded for Deshaun Watson. Tons of Browns fans also vowed to quit the team forever.

Amongst those lifelong Cleveland Browns fans who are done with the team is the Thome family. Cleveland Indians legend Jim Thome bought his wife season tickets to the Browns. Andrea Thome took to Twitter to say her family is canceling their season tickets, she wants a refund for this season, and explains the tickets were a Mother’s Day surprise. Andrea cites Deshaun Watson as the sole reason for canceling her and Jim Thome’s season tickets to the Browns.

Here’s her explanation on Twitter…

Jim Thome’s Wife Cancels Cleveland Browns Season Tickets And Goes Off On Team

Andrea Thome has a plan if the team doesn’t issue a refund

Some people had questions about why now. Why is Deshauwn Watson and not the Kareem Hunt incident enough to sever ties with the Cleveland Browns? Jim Thome’s wife Andrea responded to some of those people on Twitter.

And to add a little more clarification, she sent this tweet about how the sheer volume of accusers is enough for her to make her decision.

The Cleveland Browns held their introductory press conference with Deshaun Watson last week. They detailed why they didn’t speak with any of Watson’s 22 accusers prior to trading for him. Deshaun also claimed he didn’t know the details of his $230 million contract before choosing the Browns which everyone TOTALLY believed.

Jim Thome was elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame in his first year of eligibility. He’s a member of Cleveland’s Hall of Fame. Jim and Andrea Thome aren’t the only Browns fans to cancel their season tickets after the team traded for Deshaun Watson but they’re the most high-profile beloved athletes in the area to do so (yet). It will be interesting to see how the Cleveland Browns respond to public announcements such as this.