The SEC Gave Jimbo Fisher The Funniest Seat Possible To Babysit Him At The Conference Coaches Meeting

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Jimbo Fisher has been a naughty boy. As a result, he has to sit at the teacher’s table in timeout. Basically.

Over the course of the past few weeks, the biggest headline in college football has surrounded Fisher’s feud with Nick Saban. It all started when the latter called out Texas A&M by name for allegedly enticing recruits to College Station with significant NIL money.

Saban even went so far to say that every single player in the Aggies’ greatest recruiting class of all-time is getting paid through NIL. That set Fisher into a tizzy.

The head coach of A&M called an impromptu press conference the very next morning and really went off on Saban, the claims that were made, and recruiting as a whole. It was wild and Lane Kiffin could not have been more entertained.

Later that afternoon, A&M athletic director Ross Bjork went crying to the SEC and sounded like a total hypocrite while asking for the conference to punish Saban. It completely backfired and the SEC gave both Saban and Fisher a slap on the wrist.

Not long thereafter, an extremely sweaty Fisher spoke with a reporter in more depth and got very, very feisty. It has been fairly quiet ever since.

However, this week could get very interesting as Fisher, Saban and the rest of the SEC head coaches gather for a meeting in Destin, Florida.

It will be the first time that Fisher and Saban are in the same room since their feud began. It is also the first time that they are in the same room since Fisher ended their friendship.

There could be fireworks.

In an effort to avoid anything particularly outlandish, the conference’s seating chart is very intentional. Saban and Fisher are NOT next to one another, and the man who must be the loudest in the room is sandwiched between some of the conference’s top officials.

Fisher is being babysat, in a sense. He is the only coach that is not sitting next to another coach.

On his left are commissioner Greg Sankey, Deputy Commissioner Charlie Hussey and special assistant to the commissioner for football relations David Cutcliffe. On his right are Associate Commissioner for Legal Affairs and Compliance William King and Executive Associate Commissioner Mark Wommack, Coordinator of Football Officials John McDaid and Associate Commissioner for Communications Herb Vincent.

To make things even funnier, Fisher is directly across from Kiffin. That will surely result in some hilarious eye contact between the two.