Extremely Sweaty Jimbo Fisher Gets Very Feisty With Reporter Over Nick Saban’s NIL Comments

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  • As Jimbo Fisher continues to speak out about Nick Saban and NIL, he continues to get angrier and, somehow, sweatier.
  • His most recent interview on the subject is his sweatiest and most ludicrous yet.
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Jimbo Fisher and Nick Saban are no longer friends after the former ended his relationship with the latter in an impromptu press conference last week. The beef is very real and it stems from a very spicy rant in which Saban called out Texas A&M for buying every one of its commits in the Class of 2022 recruiting class.

Since then, former players have called out Saban over Alabama’s recruiting practices and Fisher stood on a soapbox and gave a wild diatribe in which he completely contradicted himself and sounded very defensive. Meanwhile, Texas A&M’s athletic director went crying to the Southeastern Conference over “sportsmanship,” which sparked an quasi-apology from Saban for calling people out by name, and a hilariously irrelevant punishment from the SEC.

Fisher remains very adamant that his team has done nothing wrong— which is absolutely true. He has not violated any of the NCAA’s bylaws or protocols on Name, Image and Likeness. Steve Spurrier, who is well aware of how recruiting was handled prior to NIL, even came out and said that he didn’t understand the hullabaloo, because he doesn’t think Saban said anything that was false.

And yet, Jimbo Fisher is still angry with Nick Saban and the narrative around NIL’s relationship with Texas A&M football in College Station.

Fisher, who is making a boatload of money to be the head coach the Aggies, continues to open his mouth on the subject. And the more that he does, the worse that he looks.

He sat down with KSAT 12’s Greg Simmons over the weekend and once again went off. This time, a very sweaty (even though they were inside) and bug-eyed Fisher, shaking with vigor, proceeded to get very feisty with the reporter.

During Part 1 of his rant, he addressed the report about the cost of A&M landing the top-ranked recruiting class in history. Fisher also said that, according to his compliance department, of just the 11 early enrollees, only one has a deal for NIL.

That does not include the rest of the recruiting class, of which there are 19 signees, including four five-star recruits. It also does not address any potential deals that may not kick in until the first semester of the players’ true freshman year, which would be the fall of 2022.

It also does not address any deals that aren’t reported to A&M compliance— of which there could be many.

While conversing with Simmons, Fisher was very snappy— especially when the reporter caught him tripping over himself.

“As soon as it’s written on social media and someone says it, you believe it,” Fisher said with a high-pitched tone and a voice crack. “So where does that put you guys as reporters?”

In response, Simmons asked, “where does that put coaches like Nick Saban, who know better?”

“Ah ah ah ah ah ah, where does that put reporters at?” Fisher responded.

“So you’re defending Nick Saban,” Simmons replied, before Fisher said that he was “not getting into it.” —— even though he was getting into it.

Fisher proceeded to think that he caught Simmons in a trap. In reality, he made himself look very silly while he continuously brushed off his media relations team with a big smirk on his face.

And then, to close Part 1 of the interview, Fisher went on to say that Texas A&M is bad at NIL. He said that the Aggies are not more organized than any other university when it comes to NIL, which is an incredibly ridiculous thing to say considering the massive role that it plays in today’s game.

Here is Fisher’s full, extremely sweaty interview:

Why is he so sweaty?!