Jimmy Fallon Doled Out Some Hilariously Harsh Superlatives To The Seahawks And Vikings

J.R. Sweezy Avery in Making a Murderer

Ahead of this Sunday’s FREEZING cold playoff game in Minnesota, Tonight Show host Jimmy Fallon decided it was time to bring back some “NFL Superlatives” in the name of mocking the hell out of players from both the Seahawks and Vikings, just like he’s gifted us with in the past.

It’s all pretty well done, but I must offer up my Top 3 before we get to the video:

Jeff Locker NFL Superlatives

I’d argue that Jeff Locke is still going through puberty and sounds like the drive-thru guy on The Simpsons. Nonetheless, imagining Locke sneezing himself into puberty is so easy to picture it’s scary.

Jason Trusnik NFL Superlatives

Jason Trusnik = Pringles Head. Amazing.

J.R. Sweezy NFL Superlatives

And a Making A Murderer reference! Jesus. Do the Seahawks only allow for one photo and that’s it, regardless of the outcome? I’m guessing so. I’m also convinced that J.R. Sweezy’s real name is J.R. Avery. Those eyes, man. Haunting.

Now go enjoy the rest.

Spoiler Alert: Ice Cube mates with a sheep.

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