One QB Continues To Trend For NY Jets And Fans Aren’t Happy

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One notable quarterback continues to trend as a potential starter in New York for the 2023 season, and it’s not necessarily the fanbase’s most desired option.

Jimmy G to the Jets rumors are swirling, an outcome that would be a major letdown to many supporters in the Big Apple.

New York has dealt with a feeling of uncertainty in its search for a competent signal caller. The 2022 campaign began with high hopes as many believed we’d finally see Zach Wilson announce his arrival to the NFL.

That, unfortunately, didn’t come to fruition.

Wilson struggled under center, leading to a revolving door of starting passers. Mike White and Joe Flacco took snaps as fans and players grew frustrated with Wilson’s lack of production and accountability in the offense.

While head coach Robert Saleh doesn’t intend to give up on the former first-round pick quite yet, it appears the organization is going to look at adding an experienced player to lead the team next year.

When those talks began, it was assumed that New York would go all out on a big name. Players like Aaron Rodgers, Lamar Jackson, and Derek Carr have all been mentioned in connection with the organization.

Instead, it’s becoming more likely that the Jets could wind up with Jimmy G.

The latest odds at show that Garoppolo is continuing to climb the ladder as a potential replacement.

Garoppolo is likely done in San Francisco. Head coach Kyle Shanahan said as much in a recent post-season interview.

Jimmy G led the Niners to an NFC title appearance in 2022. They then made a repeat appearance this past year though Brock Purdy led the team over the final eight games.

The 49ers are now ready to move on, and many believe his joining the Jets presents a perfect marriage. recently wrote about the potential partnership, saying the following.

Several different players — including Aaron Rodgers, Lamar Jackson and Derek Carr — have been as discussed this offseason as a possible replacement for Wilson. Most of them would require a trade. Garoppolo, however, will become a free agent after the Super Bowl.

Signing Garoppolo would require only money, not draft assets. Hanging on to its draft picks would give the Jets an opportunity to build around Garoppolo.

The thought behind the deal is that the Jets wouldn’t have to give up draft capital to land Jimmy G, as they would with the bigger names of Rodgers, Jackson, and Carr.

Instead, they’d sign a proven passer while still having the ability to add pieces around him.

Unfortunately, not many New York fans are happy with that scenario.

One Jets fan wrote, “Jimmy G is not on the same level as Derek Carr. Not even close, really.”

Another said, “We’ll most likely get Jimmy G, and everyone will collectively hate it.”

Luckily, there is a bright side for Jets fans. They also continue to trend in the right direction for Aaron Rodgers. As of the time of this writing, New York remains a strong contender for the Packers quarterback.

If they swing and miss on A-Rod, though, the letdown from the fanbase will be on full display.