I’ve Never Felt More Poor Looking At The Details Of Jimmy Garoppolo’s Monster Contract

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Jimmy Garoppolo is likely getting drunk at a Chili’s right now celebrating his new title as long-term quarterback of the 49ers and insanely rich man. This week, the 26-year-old agreed to a five-year contract worth $137.5 million–the richest average per-year deal in the history of the NFL.

Garoppolo will make $27.5 million in annual salary over the next five years. To put that in perspective: Tom Brady is set to make $14 million in base salary in 2018. Bonkers.

The details of Garoppolo’s monster contract have come to light, courtesy of  ESPN’s Adam Schefter. I have never felt more poor.

2018 base salary: $6.2 million (gtd)
Workout bonus: $600,000
Players receive workout bonuses for participating in set percentages of a team’s conditioning program during a typical offseason
Per-Game Roster Bonus: $800,000

Year 1 Total: $42.6 million
$74.1 million injury guarantee already kicked in.

2019 base salary: $17.2 million, $7.5 million of which is guaranteed at signing.
2019 workout bonus: $600,000
Per-Game Roster Bonus: $800,000

For 2019, [Garoppolo] will make $18.6 million for a 2-year total of $61.2 million — $10 million more than he would have received if he hadn’t been franchised two times.

2020 base salary: $23.8 million, $15.7 million which is guaranteed for injury.
If the 49ers wanted, they could cut him before April 1, 2020 and he would have made $61.2 million and be a free agent.
2020 workout bonus: $600,000
Per-Game Roster Bonus: $800,000
At the end of three seasons, he walks away with $86.4 million.

2021: $24.1 million base salary
2021 workout bonus: $600,000
Per-Game Roster Bonus: $800,000

If he makes it to the NFC Championship game or is first or second team All-Pro, then a $7.5 million injury guarantee kicks in.

2022: $24.2 million base salary
2022 workout bonus: $600,000
Per-Game Roster Bonus: $800,000

2022 workout bonus: $600,000
Per-Game Roster Bonus: $800,000

Total = $137.5 million

Not too shabby for a guy whose played in only 23 professional football games.


[h/t Adam Schefter]

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