JJ Watt Weighs In On The Lamar Jackson Situation

JJ Watt poses for a photo.

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The Lamar Jackson saga took another turn on Tuesday as it was announced that the Baltimore Ravens would be placing the franchise tag on the quarterback. That tag is considered non-exclusive, meaning other NFL teams will have the opportunity to make offers to the former MVP.

In the scenario that he accepts a deal from a competitor, the Ravens will then have a chance to match. If they match, Jackson will play in Baltimore on that deal. Should they let their signal caller walk, the team with which Jackson signs will owe the Ravens a pair of first-round draft picks.

Many previously predicted that the franchise tag would be the ultimate outcome as the two sides continue to battle in contract negotiations. Unfortunately for Jackson, there haven’t been many suitors to come calling quite yet.

In fact, NFL insider Field Yates reports that a number of teams have removed themselves from the Lamar Jackson sweepstakes. Those organizations include the Dolphins, Commanders, Panthers, Falcons, and Raiders.

It’s been reported that the passer wants a fully guaranteed deal, much like that of Cleveland’s Deshaun Watson, but the Ravens aren’t ready to offer that type of pay structure.

This latest move is a way of prolonging the negotiations as it far from secures a long-term deal for Lamar Jackson. Still, the franchise tag announcement caused quite a stir from players, fans, and media online.

One of the (former) players weighing in was JJ Watt. The recently retired defender is asking a question that many around the NFL want answered.

Why are so many teams opting not to pursue the former MVP?

It’s a valid question considering he’d be an upgrade at almost every organization mentioned in that Field Yates report above. This is a player that’s gone 45-16 as a starter throughout his five professional campaigns. He’s previously led the league in QBR, posted 1,000-yard rushing seasons, and paced the NFL in passing touchdowns.

The versatile quarterback can instantly become a player to build both your offense and franchise around, as we’ve already seen in Baltimore.

Some conspiracy theorists believe collusion might be the answer, but it likely comes down to Jackson’s hefty contract demands. This saga is far from over. It will be interesting to see where it takes us next.