Lamar Jackson Update Provides Clarity But Fans Remain Uncertain On His Future In Baltimore

Lamar Jackson walks onto the field.

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NFL fans were provided with a bit of clarity on Lamar Jackson’s pending contract situation with the Ravens. While the update gives viewers an idea of immediate action from the team’s front office, it’s far from cemented a future in Baltimore.

Rather than extend Jackson’s current deal, the organization could apply a band-aid of sorts. It could either keep the quarterback in Baltimore for one more season or give the Ravens trade leverage this offseason.

NFL Network’s Ian Rapoport suggests that the passer will be franchised by the team. He said as much in an interview on the Pat McAfee Show Tuesday afternoon.

“Lamar Jackson is going to get tagged… My sense is that it would be the exclusive franchise tag from the Baltimore Ravens.”

That word “exclusive” is important in this scenario.

A non-exclusive tag would (1) allow Jackson to negotiate long-term deals with other teams, and (2) only cost a pair of first-round draft picks to land the signal caller.

The exclusive deal keeps other teams from talking to Lamar, while also allowing the Ravens to set the price if they do want to exchange Jackson for draft capital.

Of course, this comes at a much higher price (around $45M if done today), but it is likely worth it for the Ravens with Jackson being a hot commodity.

While Rapoport’s update has provided an expectation for the immediate future, it’s far from cemented Jackson’s status as the Ravens’ starting quarterback. Fans were quick to post their reactions to the news online.

Many believe a tag and trade option is on the table. Like we mentioned before, that exclusive tag would allow the front office to set their asking price for trade suitors.

Others believe Jackson could hold out, and possibly sit out the entire 2023 season if tagged.

Both seem like legitimate options, and of course, there’s always the possibility of his playing in Baltimore for one more season, then signing that massive contract extension.

Time will tell on how the Lamar Jackson situation unfolds, but it seems far from over.