Joe Burrow Photobombs Wedding Shoot On Golf Course, Couldn’t Possibly Care Less

Joe Burrow Photobombs Wedding Shoot On Golf Course

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  • Joe Burrow was caught in the background of a wedding photoshoot.
  • The Bengals QB wasn’t about to let the wedding photos slow down his round of golf with the boys.
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Celebrities photobombing wedding photoshoots is nothing new, but the style and casual nature Joe Burrow managed to pull off during his effort is worth mentioning.

The Bengals QB was simply trying to finish up a twilight round with the boys in the desert and couldn’t possibly care less about a couple’s wedding photos. It looks like the photobomb came about six weeks ago when Sam Hubbard shared a photo of Devin Booker, Nick Bosa, Burrow, and others teeing it up in Scottsdale, Arizona.

Little did they know that there was a wedding taking place that day as well.

Getting your wedding photos at a golf course is totally fine. Having them done greenside on an actual hole instead of the putting green or random overlook of the course, well that turns things into an even playing field. The bride and groom are now stepping into the golfers’ domain, not the other way around.

Burrow and the guys weren’t about to skip the hole just because a photoshoot was going on, and you have to respect it. There had to be some sort of money on the line, and you can’t just skip a hole when a bet has been placed.