The Real Debate Begins: Is Joe Flacco An Elite Quarterback? Fan Videobombs ‘Hardball’ With Hilarious Sign

by 4 years ago
Joe Flacco


Tonight’s Republican Debate might pin hopeful candidates against one another to answer difficult questions about the future of the good ol’ United States, but, proof that football season is among us was one fan who asked an even tougher question—Is Joe Flacco an elite quarterback?


That’s what a sign read behind the head of Chris Matthews, host of the TV show Hardball, as the guy and his sign made it onto primetime TV during coverage of the debate to bring a lighthearted feeling to the real thing happening in Cleveland.

With a Super Bowl ring on his finger and one of the richest contracts in the NFL today, Flacco being elite is a debate that may never go away—so it would be great to hear what someone like Donald Trump has to say about it.

[H/T Bleacher Report, Twitter/PFTCommentator]

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