Dodgers Pitcher Joe Kelly Making Fun Of The Astros Has Been Turned Into Some Glorious Memes

Joe Kelly Mocking The Astros Has Been Turned Into A Glorious Meme

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In case you missed it, on Tuesday night the Dodgers took on the Astros in Houston and as one might have expected considering the Dodgers were cheated out of a legit chance to win the 2017 World Series thanks to the Astros’ cheating, things got a little heated.

Dodgers pitcher Joe Kelly, who had double the reason to be upset with the Astros’ cheating as he was on the Red Sox team that lost in the 2017 Division Series to Houston, was the chief instigator, throwing a 96 mph fastball over the head of Alex Bregman, then later following that up by sailing a curveball over the head of Carlos Correa.

Following Correa’s at-bat in which Kelly struck him out, words were exchanged as while walking past Correa to the dugout Kelly said, “Nice swing, bitch,” and “You’ve got to cheat to hit.”

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One thing then led to another and the benches ended up clearing for the knock-down, drag-out social distancing fight of the century (i.e. no one touched anyone).

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After the game, Kelly broke down exactly what happened.

“It was a ball,” he told SportsNet LA. “It wasn’t my best pitch.”

Baseball fans across America were understandably overjoyed by these events with Joe Kelly being hailed as a hero for sticking it to the cheatin’ Astros.

Naturally, because of the comical faces Kelly made to Correa as he walked to the dugout, it didn’t take the internet long to turn him into the best baseball meme of 2020.

The Dodgers and Astros go back at it tonight at 7:10 pm ET. Should be fun.