Joe Thomas Had A Hilariously Creative Solution For His Ill-Advised NBA Finals Bet

joe thomas cleveland browns

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To the surprise of virtually no one, The Golden State Warriors trounced the Cavaliers in this year’s NBA Finals and dashed the hopes and dreams of fans who were counting on LeBron James to bring one more championship to Cleveland before his inevitable defection to another city. However, there was one Cavs fan who was particularly devastated about the results: former Browns tackle Joe Thomas, who pledged to give away signed, game-worn Steph Curry jersey to anyone who retweeted his ill-advised promise.

The message was retweeted over 275,000 times after it was first posted which put Thomas in a bit of a bind. However, it appears he came up with a pretty hilarious and innovative solution to making good on his pledge.

According to For The Win, a number of fans have received a package containing a shirt emblazoned with Thomas’ signature with the message “I was promised a game worn signed LeBron James jersey, and all I got was this crappy shirt from Joe Thomas” (I guess he forgot what he actually promised in the first place, but whatever— a free shirt is a free shirt).

A number of fans have shared pictures of the shirt on social media— including at least one who’s trying to make some money off of the gift.

Thomas jokingly claimed he would follow through on the offer last month and had fans submit their address after liking and subscribing to his podcast and I have to give him credit for (sort of) following through.

It’s unclear how many shirts he made or if you’re still able to take him up on the offer but if Michael Scott taught me anything it’s that you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.