Player Hits A Royal Flush At A Final Table In One Of The Wildest Poker Hands Of 2022

Player Hits A Royal Flush At A Final Table In One Of The Wildest Poker Hands Of 2022

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  • While the 2022 World Series of Poker is in full swing, the 2022 BetMGM Poker Championship Main Event final table took place in Las Vegas at the PokerGo studios.
  • Joey Weissman couldn’t be stopped as he was playing great and getting incredible cards en route to the 3rd biggest tournament cash in his career.
  • In a hand against Michael Wang, he managed to hit the best hand in all of poker, a Royal Flush, while Wang hit a Full House but was sent packing.

It was a pretty huge weekend in the poker world. Alex Foxen went wire-to-wire in the $250K buy-in Super High Roller event at the World Series of Poker and won his first gold bracelet despite being one of the highest-earning players in the game. And on the other side of town, Joey Weissman hit a Royal Flush at the 2022 BetMGM Poker Championship Main Event final table en route to winning.

I’ve never seen a Royal Flush in person. Most people haven’t. It’s the single best hand in Texas Hold’Em Poker and the odds of it happening are astronomical. I’ve had two straight flushes in my life, one online and one in a live game, but I’ve never even sniffed a Royal Flush.

This hand is a showdown between Joey Weissman and Michael Wang. Wang was a 68% favorite to win the hand pre-flop. The flop didn’t actually bring a ton of help, just one diamond (Kd) and a gut-shot straight draw with the 10 of hearts. But things kept getting more interesting from there… Here’s the video via PokerGo:

Player Hits A Royal Flush In One Of The Wildest Poker Hands Of 2022

Joey Weissman went on to win the 343-person event after beating Paul Hoefer heads-up. He took home $224,236 for first place. And though he won, I’m sitting here imagining a world where he hit a Royal Flush and somehow lost the event. Because in my head, if you get that hand the Poker Gods are basically telling you it’s your day. Go and win, nothing can stop you.

How Rare Is This Hand?

The odds of hitting a Royal Flush in Texas Hold-Em Poker is 1 in 2,598,960 hands. For comparison’s sake, you have about a 1 in 3.7 million chance of being killed by a shark. You have a 1 in 1,222,000 chance of being struck by lightning, so you’re about 2x more likely to get struck by lightning than hit a royal flush.

If you’re reading this from the kitchen, there’s a 1-in-1,000 chance that the next egg you crack has a double yolk. You’ve got a 1 in 662,000 chance of winning a medal at the Olympic Games. And there’s a 1 in 59,507 chance you die from a bee sting.

So all of those things other than a shark attack are more likely to happen than ever having a Royal Flush when playing poker.

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