John Cena Posted A Vine To Remind Us All He’s Still A Strong Son Of A Bitch

It’s easy to forget John Cena is pushing 40 years old. He doesn’t look like the typical 40 year old. I know a ton of near-40 year olds and they spend more time in line at Dunkin Donuts than in line for a squat rack.

Cena is still jacked to the gills and performs four to five nights in the ring and probably as hungry for wrestling gold as most men his age are for creme filled donuts.

As a simple reminder to all of the haters as to why Cena is still the top draw in the WWE, the former champ posted this Vine showing him doing a simple snatch with 315 pounds.


I warm up with that much weight. I toss it all on the bar, stretch, go “eh, I’m warm” and take it all off.

Lift it? Don’t be stupid.

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