John Daly Got Pretty Dressed Up For The PGA Champion’s Dinner And By That I Mean He Wore An American Flag Blazer

The main reason I wish I had a girlfriend is so I could ask her whether or not she finds John Daly fuck-able. That’s literally all I want. It’ll be a very quick relationship. My real question about Daly is whether he dresses himself with intention to be ironic or if he actually thinks he looks good. Like, is it “Fuck, that jacket is ugly as all hell and will totally go viral” or is it “Wow, these pineapple pants go great with this Hawaiian shirt that also has my face on it”? These are the questions we need to be asking ourselves. Or getting chicks to answer for us. Actually, maybe I have two questions to ask my future girlfriend. Does she think Daly actually likes the way he looks or does it for the laughs? That just pretty much doubled our relationship time. Maybe by the time I meet this girl, things will have grown enough that we can share a meal together or have a multi-topic conversation.