John Daly Once Had A Stroke At Pat Perez’s House Only To Leave The Hospital 6 Hours Later And Start Drinking Again

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  • We’ve heard countless John Daly partying stories, but this one from Pat Perez may just be the wildest.
  • Perez claims that Daly once had a stroke in his house and was out of the hospital shortly after in need of a drink.
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John Daly is a two-time major winner and earned over $10 million during his playing career. Those accolades alone make him a legend, but you couple that with his partying lifestyle and you have one of the great characters not only in golf history but sports history in general.

Daly is 55-years-old now, so you would think that we’ve heard every story about the guy by now, but every so often we hear a new legendary tale about the man.

Pat Perez, a three-time PGA Tour winner and great friend of Daly’s, recently joined the Fore The People podcast and shared a number of unbelievable party stories about Daly. One, in particular, stands out though, the night Daly suffered a stroke while partying at Perez’s house. What ensued afterward is the stuff of legends.

John Daly Has A Stroke At Pat Perez’s House, Chaos Ensues

(The story begins around the 71-minute mark of the podcast.)

“He had a stroke at my house. I couldn’t find him, I was looking for this mother f–ker for like 45 minutes,” Perez began. “Go around the house, and I finally see him around the f–king corner and I’m like ‘John, where the hell are you at?'”

With a cigarette in his mouth, Perez notes, Daly says “oh, bubba I’m having a f–king stroke.”

“I call the ambulance, they show up, and his caddie, Peter shows up, with the paramedics there,” Perez explains. “Paramedics put him on this thing, and Peter goes ‘no, no, [Daly] just needs a f–king blowjob’ and he starts mimicking like he’s giving him a f–king blowjob. The paramedics are like ‘get the f–k out of the way so we can save this guy.'”

The story, believe it or not, gets even wilder from here.

Perez goes on to explain that after Daly is put in the back of the ambulance, Peter actually jumps in the driver’s seat, the paramedics hop in the back of the thing as well and Peter drives the ambulance to the hospital.

“We get to the hospital, and Peter goes ‘we need a smoking room,'” Perez explains. “I go ‘Peter, are you guys brain damaged, or am I missing something here?'” I go home, wake up and get a call from John saying I need to go pick them up from the hospital. It was like 10:30 in the morning, only like six hours later.”

“He was outside smoking when I get to the hospital. He gets inside the car and goes ‘bubba, I need a f–king drink.’ I go ‘no, that’s actually the last thing you need.'”

“We get back to the house, and he’s drinking.”

For any other person on the planet, this story would be absolutely shocking, but if you’ve heard other stories about Daly, this was pretty typical behavior for him back in the day.

Perez followed that story up by sharing about the time Daly once drank 72 beers one afternoon at Hooters.