Adidas’ John Wall Logo Looks Just Like A Fake One From ‘The Office’


Washington Wizards star John Wall now has his own shoe made by Adidas. His initials serve as the logo.

It looks pretty cool.

But that’s not the point here. The point is that it looks exactly like the logo for mythical Weyerhammer Paper Company of The Office fame.

Eerie coincidence. An admittedly stupid coincidence, but still eerie.

As you’d expect, Adidas says the design wasn’t lifted from the television show.

The JW logo is obviously a first. How do the team come up with that branding?

A team of like five graphic designers just got going at it and taking inspirations off him and his style of play, the brand direction of where were at and want to go, and how we want to be a part of this guy’s story. I think this really felt like the right solution. It kind of blends all those things and then we make sure when we worked it into the shoe we put it into a pretty prominent place. So kind of aligning it with the branding and having it shelf out is just a good foundation for the range. This is the genre one, there will be a two, three, four, five, six, as he continues to excel and play so well on court. This is the first shoe and it makes sure anybody that walks into the store makes that connection with John Wall. We’re excited to continue to go into that in the future.

Somewhat related: Dwight Schrute should really have his own signature shoe. Mustard yellow with brown accents. Perfect for working around the farm and playing one-on-one with Mose.

Who says no?

[H/T: Eye on Basketball]