Johnny Manziel Posts Instagram Pic Of Vacay In Miami, Doesn’t Give A Shit What You Think About His NFL Career

It sure has been an eventful last couple days for Johnny Manziel. On Friday night he allegedly threw a party that resulted in teammate Josh Gordon being late for practice. Then his employer, Cleveland Browns owner Jim Haslam, had some not-so-kind words about Manziel’s overall maturity and future with the organization. And then, to pile it on from the media, Skip Bayless weighed-in with a piping hot take, calling Johnny Football an “alcoholic” and a “liar” for his continued shenanigans.

So what’s Manziel think about all this? Meh. Now that the NFL post-season has officially begun, he’s simply ready to enjoy the hell out of his Miami vacation. Chillin’ in the sun, shirtless, he posted a bikini pic with his girlfriend Colleen Crowley on Instagram this afternoon. Caption: “Good vibes with great people.” night, while partying in South Beach, Manziel posted this Instagram shout out to LeBron James, as filmed by his main squeeze Crowley:

Just Johnny enjoying a little hard earned vacation, right? Yeah, probably not. The only reason you go to Miami on December 30th, literally two days after the last NFL game of the regular season, is to party your face off.

I find this very peculiar because I happen to be in Miami for similar New Years festivities. Except my plans involve going to four consecutive nights of Phish at American Airline Arena. I imagine his involve… IDK… Orgies with Drake and his girlfriend’s supermodel friends in a private room of LIV or something? Good for him.

But hey, Johnny, if you want to have fun chillin’ at Phish, I’ll totally miracle you an extra. You’ll be feeling good about Hood, I promise.

…That 42 passer rating, though. Ouch.

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