A Player Threw Up Johnny Manziel’s Signature ‘Money’ Sign After Intercepting Him In A Spring League Game

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In 2016, self-professed douche Johnny Manziel succumbed to the curse of being a quarterback for the Cleveland Browns when he was essentially exiled from the NFL after being handed a four-game suspension for violating the league’s substance abuse policy (which substance(s) he tested positive for is anyone’s guess). He eventually revealed his self-destructive behavior was an outlet for the mental health issues he’s finally started to address in a less illegal way and recently announced the beginning of what has been dubbed “Comeback SZN” (which comes with its very own clothing line).

Manziel has trained with a well-respected quarterback coach as well as Odell Beckham Jr. as they both prepare to make their return to the NFL for slightly different reasons, There’s a chance the former Aggie will have to make an appearance in the CFL before finding an NFL team who’s willing to sign him, but it looks like the infamously cocky QB is doing everything he can to gear up for a renaissance.

Manziel recently signed a contract with the newly-formed and developmental Spring League, and as you’d expect, he’s still working out some of the kinks. During a recent scrimmage, he threw an interception to former San Francisco 49er Cleveland Wallace, who ran it back for a sizeable chunk of yards before throwing up Manziel’s trademark “Money” sign in the air.

Manziel said he was retiring his signature celebration in 2015 but it managed to find its way onto a sweatshirt he’s selling so it doesn’t look like it’s gone away forever— which I have to stay I’m pretty happy about. If there’s any part of the old Johnny Football I’d like to see come back, it’s that one. Johnny Manziel isn’t really Johnny Manziel without a little bit of hubris.

#ComebackSZN officially begins when the Spring League has its first game on April 7th.