Oh Good, Johnny Manziel And Odell Beckham Jr. Are Working On Their ‘ComebackSZN’ Together Now

johnny manziel odell beckham working out

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Johnny Manziel and Odell Beckham Jr. are both working on a “Comeback SZN” for 2018, only now it appears they’re doing some of it together. Perfect. Maybe OBJ can start selling hoodies too.

As we are all very well aware, Johnny Football, who hasn’t thrown a pass professionally since 2015, has been in contract negotiations with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats of the Canadian Football League. And by in contract negotiations, I mean he’s been making ridiculous demands.

Based on a recent tweet by Tiger-Cats coach June Jones, we should be getting word soon on whether or not JFF will actually be suiting up in the Great White North this year.

Should that fall through, Manziel still has one other option.

As for Beckham, who is recovering from a fractured left ankle that limited him to just four games in 2017, he’s still looking for that big payday he thinks he deserves so his recovery will go a long way towards determining if that ever happens.

So it only makes sense (in the bizarro world) that Manziel and Beckham would hook back up again like they did back in April and May and get in another workout together.



I mean, as JFF himself so aptly put it, they truly are a “deadly combination.”

Yep, Johnny has definitely been putting in work. He even got up to work out at 6 AM, people!


I hope these two keep working together, if for no other reason than the A+ hype videos of themselves they’ve been publishing.


Oh, and I wasn’t kidding about OBJ creating his own line of hoodies. From the looks of things, Manziel is making some SERIOUS bank selling his.


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