Uh Oh: Johnny Manziel Was LATE to a Team Meeting

Human distraction Johnny Manziel was a few minutes late for a Cleveland Browns team meeting, causing a deep rift between the team and leading many to question whether the party boy is worth the trouble.

Manziel tried to explain his flagrant disregard for anyone else’s time by saying he simply made a reading error. A likely story.

Manziel and another “couple rookies” who went unidentified apparently misread a schedule that had the Browns conducting a brief five-minute meeting to start the week, sources said.

[Coach Mike] Pettine handled the matter “internally” with the players but did not overdramatize the issue, sources said.

Good luck with that, Pettine. You can’t just have a me-first glory boy boldly thumbing his nose at convention and and insisting the rules don’t apply to him.

It’s probably time to cut bait and release this guy. He’s clearly not cut out for professional football.