Johnny Manziel Went ‘Missing’ Over The Weekend, Take A Wild Guess Where He Was ‘Found’

johnny manziel missing

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On Monday the New York Post ran a story saying that Johnny Manziel had gone “missing.”

Reportedly he was supposed to be hosting a party in the Hamptons for some friends and family, but when they showed up he wasn’t there. Manziel was supposed to have taken a helicopter to the location, but didn’t show up for his flight and wasn’t answering his phone when the party-goers tried to figure out where he was.

Turns it out it shouldn’t have taken too long to locate him because where else would Johnny Football be on any given evening other than a club? It’s where he has been almost every day for weeks now.

There was a slight cause for concern, however, since Manziel was confronted on the street a couple days prior by a guy whose car a friend of his reportedly wrecked, but it was all for naught.

Of course, as is often the case with Manziel, his trip to the club, this time reportedly at 1 Oak in NYC, was captured for posterity on social media…

His career is officially over now, right?

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H/T Houston Chronicle