Johnny Manziel Has Perfect Response For Cleveland Media Asking About His Recent Photos With Texas A&M Babes



Earlier this week, Brandon posted about Johnny Manziel’s weekend trip to his alma mater Texas A&M.

Brandon summed up the headline-worthy incidents surrounding Manziel since he became pro wonderfully:

It’s been a weird road for Johnny since joining the NFLThe Vegas trips aren’t as frequent. There was a the fight he got in when an overzealous Browns fan allegedly tried to hug him in his apartment building. There was a domestic dispute with his girlfriend. There was the two-month stint in drug and alcohol rehab at the beginning of this year.

But now Manziel appears to be back to having fun again. After the Browns lost on Thursday night to Cincinnati, Johnny headed down to College Station to watch the Aggies lose to Auburn.

Manziel was spotted at the Aggies football game and presumably took photos with hundreds of fans and haters alike just trying to get a slice of Johnny. But there are pitfalls to being an NFL player who the general public widely perceives is short-changing his talents in favor of off-field vices–namely that the media will use your quotes and photos out of context to support its narrative.

And that’s precisely what happened when the Cleveland media tried to bait Manziel into incriminating himself for the below photos of him doing what we all do when returning to our alma maters: get drunk and try to hook up with chicks.manziel-5 manziel-2



Manziel used spot-on logic to respond to the media’s inquiry, er, accusation.


Making people happy. Guilty as charged.

[h/t Busted Coverage]

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