Jon Gruden Went Through The Full Spectrum Of Jon Grudeness On Monday Night Football

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  • The Las Vegas Raiders took down the Baltimore Ravens 33-27 in a thrilling Monday Night Football season opener.
  • Raiders head coach Jon Gruden went through the full spectrum of Jon Gruden emotions.
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While this phrase gets tossed around far too frequently, it truly applies when it comes to Las Vegas Raiders head coach Jon Gruden: the man is a character. In fact, almost literally, as his nickname is “Chucky”, which is a reference to the fact that he resembles the *actually fictional character* Chucky.

But more so than his murderous-doll-looking face, what makes Gruden such a character is his personality. It’s why he was such a beloved analyst on Monday Night Football and why ESPN has struggled at finding his replacement ever since (although, if they were smart, they’d simply give the Manning brothers a blank check to get them in the main broadcast booth following their electric simulcast debut on ESPN2).

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Given the atmosphere in Las Vegas on Monday night — the first-ever game at Allegiant Stadium in front of a crowd — and the result of the game, with the Raiders taking down the Ravens in overtime following a 17-point fourth-quarter, it should come as no surprise that Gruden went through the entire spectrum of Gruden emotions over the course of the three-plus hour broadcast.


During the game:


Following the victory:

There must be some method to Gruden’s madness, as the Raiders have now won three straight opening games. Never change, Chucky, never change (and given that he still has seven years left on his 10-year, $100 million deal, I doubt he ever will).

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