Jon Gruden Threw A Small Soiree At His House That Involved Hooters Girls And A Chucky Doll

Philadelphia Eagles v Tampa Bay Buccaneers

Jon Gruden has a pretty tough life. The dude has to hang out with recently drafted college quarterbacks and talk football with them. Plus, he also has to do things like drink all the free beers people buy him in his favorite local bars and beat back the wave of chicks trying to get themselves pregnant with his million dollar seed by the hundreds. Which is pretty much exactly what I feel like happened when he invited a bunch of Hooters girls over to his house for a party.

After they posed for a bunch of photos but before (I assume) they all got naked, the girls broke into Gruden’s toy chest and found his doll collection, which is pretty weird.

I mean, for one, who willingly owns a Chucky doll? Has he ever seen the movie? Why would you willingly bring that doll into your house?

I have zero explanation for the owl. I’m actually fairly certain that’s a vase, not a doll. Why did end up in Gruden’s toy chest? Can he not tell the difference between a doll and a vase? I feel like that’s definitely something someone who is coaching the future NFL stars should know. Anyone should know that. Imagine showing up to Christmas a vase for your niece? Not a good look, especially for someone who spends their off days partying with hotties who want to see the inside of your toy chest.

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