Jon Rahm Broke A Single-Season PGA Tour Record With Four Months Left On The Calendar

PGA Tour golfer John Rahm

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Jon Rahm has been hovering toward the top of the Official World Golf Ranking since 2017, and the Spaniard hasn’t strayed far from the No. 1 spot he currently holds thanks to some remarkably consistent play that’s resulted in him winning 11 PGA Tour tournaments (including two majors) over that span.

The man whose somewhat prophetic win at The Masters marks one of the four victories he’s already racked up over the course of the current PGA Tour season headed into the Mexico Open as the heavy favorite to walk away with yet another trophy.

When everything was said and done, Tony Finau stopped the rest of the field at Vidanta Vallarta by three strokes, but Rahm’s second-place finish at the event was enough to earn a cool $839,300 in winnings.

The similarly impressive season that Scottie Scheffler was able to put together in 2022 ended with him winning a total of $14,046,910, which was enough to set the record for the most cash any golfer has banked in a single PGA Tour campaign.

However, there’s now a new man to beat courtesy of Rahm, as CNN reports he was able to officially surpass Scheffler following the conclusion of the Mexico Open thanks to the $14,462,840 he’s already made in a season where there are still nine PGA-sanctioned events remaining on the calendar. 

Last year, Scheffler broke the previous record (set by  Jordan Spieth) in June, so the fact that Rahm was able to surpass it before the end of April rolled around is an incredibly impressive feat.

It’s obviously worth noting he got a little bit of help from the PGA Tour, as the organization gave golfers some more incentive to not defect to LIV Golf ahead of the current season by dramatically increasing the amount of money that was up for grabs.

However, that only does so much to minimize what he’s been able to achieve so far.

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