Josh Reddick Got Absolutely Obliterated By The Mets’ Pete Alonso In A Collision At First Base

Josh Reddick Got Obliterated By Pete Alonso In First Base Collision

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Sooo… Spring Training games are B.S., huh? Tell that to Josh Reddick’s face this morning.

Because in the bottom of the fifth inning during Monday’s game versus the Mets, the Astros outfielder learned that New York’s first baseman Pete Alonso is really, really good at doing an impression of a brick wall.

At 6-foot-3 and 245 pounds of what apparently is solid muscle, Alonso created quite an obstacle when had to reach over the bag to receive the throw from Seth Lugo after Reddick bunted the ball back to the pitcher.

Unable to avoid a collision, Reddick ran full-speed straight into a stationary Alonso and, well, he bounced off him like a bullet off Superman’s chest.

One more look, because LOL…

Thankfully, both players were okay and Reddick was even able to crack a joke about the collision on Twitter after the game.

“Hey @Pete_Alonso20 make sure the trainers check out that brick wall you call a body post game 💪🏻,” wrote Reddick.

Alonso laughed it off as well, writing back, “They said I’m all good to go 😂😂 I’m so sorry and I’m glad you’re ok.”

“Whoever says baseball isn’t a contact sport is an idiot,” Alonso told the media. “That’s proof of that”