Josie Canseco Stuns In New Photo Shoot, Reveals Secrets About Dad Jose

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Josie Canseco certainly has lead a very unique life.

First off, can you imagine growing up with Jose Canseco as your dad? It sure would be anything but normal.

Now throw in the fact that you’re a girl and your mother, Jessica Canseco, was a Playboy model (she graced the cover of the September 2005 issue if you’re scoring at home) and starred in a reality show (Hollywood Exes).

Josie, now 26, certainly has a different perspective on life than, well, just about anybody.

As part of a new photo shoot for Maxim, Josie Canseco shed a little light on her unusual relationship with dad Jose.

“I think meeting any young lady’s father can be stressful, [especially] a father that’s controversial like mine, and also very tall and known for his strength,” said Canseco. “My dad and I have a very special relationship, most of the time, and I bring a very vulnerable side out of him, so ultimately he’s very kind and respectful to anyone I bring around.”

It certainly brought out something in Jose when she broke up with then-boyfriend Logan Paul in 2020.

Josie called her dad Jose out after that little beef war, saying he was being “selfishly embarrassing.”

She even blocked him on social media.

“He’s just embarrassing,” she said on Charlotte D’Alessio’s Between Good and Evil podcast at the time. “‘What are you doing, father? Dad, help. Explain to me, please. Why are you being this way?’ I went off. I ripped him a new a*******. He’s like, ‘I’m a grown man, you won’t tell me what I can and cannot say.”

In another part of her Maxim interview, Josie Canseco touched on people thinking she got where she is today because of nepotism.

“I think everyone should just remember that a lot of this world is smoke and mirrors,” Josie said. “Everyone’s family goes through their own set of issues, and sometimes when you have one side of your life in the public eye, the personal side can bleed through and make things messy. I’m grateful for my family in every way, but it’s just not all what it may seem.”

She continued, “My agency believed in me and was fronting me for rent and pocket money for my first two years of my career, so when I’d get paid from jobs they’d recoup that. Eventually I had built a clientele, and I was out of debt with [the agency] and could afford to not stay in those anymore. Regardless how rough those apartments could be, I wouldn’t have changed a thing. I met some amazing women. And luckily, I got along with most of them.”

You know what? I believe her. Definitely, no one would hire her based on who her dad is.