Josie Canseco Rips Dad Jose, Calls Him ‘Selfishly Embarrassing’ For His Weird Feud With Logan Paul

Josie Canseco Calls Dad Jose Embarrassing For Feud With Logan Paul

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24-year-old model and internet personality Josie Canseco used to date YouTube star slash boxer Logan Paul.

Their breakup didn’t go too well. Especially when Josie’s famous dad, former MLB slugger Jose Canseco, decided to get involved.

Following Logan’s brother Jake knocking out former NBA star Nate Robinson in a boxing match, Jose issued a challenge on Twitter.

“I will fight anyone of the Logan Brothers they have enough for anyone with any type of talent yet or fighting skills,” Jose tweeted.

Logan saw Jose’s tweet and completely disrespected him and his daughter Josie.

Ever since then, Jose, 56, has been going hard after the 25-year-old Logan on social media.

Not even Logan’s dad has been off limits.

Apparently, this, of all things, has been the final straw for Josie as she went off on her dad during her appearance on Charlotte D’Alessio’s Between Good and Evil podcast.

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“My dad’s been going on a f****** rampage on Twitter calling out Logan, calling out Jake, just being so selfishly embarrassing,” said Josie.

“Normally if a dad wanted to start a ‘fake Twitter beef’ or whatever, he’d be like, ‘Hey, do you mind if I call out your boyfriend and call him weak and this and that for attention?’ I have no idea [if he’s joking]. He’s blocked right now, to be completely honest. We haven’t spoken.”

That’s right, this is what it took for her to block him.

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“When it comes back to character and integrity, I don’t f***with those selfish moves. He’s just embarrassing. ‘What are you doing, father? Dad, help. Explain to me, please. Why are you being this way?’ I went off. I ripped him a new a*******. He’s like, ‘I’m a grown man, you won’t tell me what I can and cannot say.”

So I take it that means she won’t be in attendance when her dad fights a Barstool Sports intern this week?

Listen to her entire interview below…

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