Josina Anderson Tweets, Then Deletes, Bogus Photo Of Mason Rudolph Grabbing Myles Garrett’s Groin, Ask What If A Player Grabbed ‘A Female’s Private Parts In A Non Consensual Way’

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ESPN NFL reporter Josina Anderson has had quite a 48-hour stretch on the old Twitter machine.

Just moments after the Mason Rudolph – Myles Garrett brawl on Thursday night, Anderson tweeted in the defense of Garrett, who in case you missed it ripped Rudolph’s helmet off and hit him in the skull with it.

Anderson later deleted the tweet, but it’s not the best of looks.

It’s not completely clear on what Anderson is implying with ‘something egregious’, but people are going to read that and take it for what they want to take it as.

Well, on Saturday morning Anderson decided to pretty much double-down on her ‘Mason Rudolph is the bad man here’ take and tweeted out a bogus screenshot that someone created on their phone appearing to show Rudolph grabbing Garrett’s groin.

Not only was it a photo and a few words about Rudolph, but she brought a hypothetical into it about ‘a female’s private parts’ and assault.

*You’ll need to click on the tweet below to see the photo attached.*

Anderson went on to delete this tweet, but as we all know the Internet does not forget.

In the full video of the brawl, it doesn’t appear as if Rudolph went after Garrett’s groin.

It’s always quite the scene when a huge personality in the sports media world falls for a bogus photo or report and then goes all-in with it and Anderson certainly went all-in on this particular one.

Following going 0-for-2 on Twitter over the last couple of days Anderson decided to address her mistake in posting the photo.

It may be removed from her timeline, but as you know tweets live on forever and the folks on Twitter aren’t too happy with Anderson’s questionable posts.

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